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Lootpost was created for people just like you who seek out the best prices online. It's available on all devices such as desktops, tablets, and smartphones and works on Android and iOS.

Information is very valuable, especially when we make purchases. We have savvy shoppers (Finders) that are willing to find you the best deals online in exchange for a Finders Fee. The amount of the Finder's Fee is up to you--the more you offer, the more Finders will be trying to get you the best bargain. Think about it...What is it worth to a magazine publisher to save $500 on each of their monthly printings? That's a savings of $6000 per year! Maybe their Finders Fee is $1000, in the end, the publisher is happy, and the Finder is happy...A perfect match!

Here is how it works in 3 Easy Steps:

1. Join Lootpost!!! Once you follow the easy steps to join our online community you can then post what you're looking for at the best possible price. Anything from Airline tickets, printing quotes, software, or that rare old car you've always wanted, ANYTHING!

2. Finders Fee...What are you willing to pay for the best answer? You set the price for your answer. Always remember, the better the price the more detailed the answer. Taking a weekend trip to the Caribbean? Enter a fee of $50 and our scouts can help you save $500!

3. Once your post is made, our highly skilled scouts start searching for the best deals online using their savvy shopping skills, coupons, Promo-codes and various other outlets to help assist them in finding the best possible answer that suits your post answer.

Use your imagination. Whatever the situation, Lootpost is here to help!

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