What is LootPost? LootPost is a premium online question and answer community where you can list your business, promote your services/product and find perfect candidate for available job positions in your company.

Is Lootpost free to use? Yes, Absolutely free to use

How do I get started? Simply, register on and you're ready to go.

How much time does it take to use LootPost? Using LootPost is quick and easy to use. You can write promotional articles, list your business and write job posts.

Will any of my information be shared with third parties? Never, all communication happens within the LootPost site so that you never have to share sensitive, personal information, nor will Lootpost ever share your information. Your privacy is important to us, you are fully protected on Lootpost.

What if I have any more questions? If you have any other questions, concerns or feedback, feel free to email us at