About Us

LootPost.com is a premium online question and answer community that aims to give you quality answers that you’re exactly looking for over the Internet.

Whether you’re looking for promo codes and coupons to get huge savings when you go shopping, or you need to find reliable resource materials to use on your next paper, LootPost.com can help you save valuable time by doing the search for you and find the answers you need, 24/7.

How We Got Started

An Internet user spends an average of 16 hours a month on the Internet. Of this, 21% of the time is spent just searching online for answers to their questions. The reason is simple. While there are a lot of online question and answer communities that offer answers and solutions, many of the answers provided are either self-promoting or are just purely based on personal opinion without any reliable sources to back their answers up.

It is for this reason that we created LootPost.com. We wanted to create an online community that people would be able to find quality and reliable answers that have thoroughly been researched by a growing community of knowledgeable people from different parts of the world minus the frustration of jumping from one answer to answer that doesn’t really answer your question.

Since its launch in 1st of October 2016, LootPost.com has rapidly grown to become the premiere question and answer community today. Every day, every minute, more and more people from all over the world are now turning to LootPost.com to discover and learn new things, and share a bit of knowledge at the same time.

Our Mission

To provide a high-quality, in-depth and informative answer for everything, drawing on our pool of talented scouts that focus on facts and research over than just mere personal opinion.

Our Vision

LootPost.com aims to provide you with the most comprehensive resource database of high quality, in-depth answers available on the Internet.

Our Values

Provide long-term value

We are building a premium service and community backed up by a strong and independent company. This long term focus guides all of the decisions we make.

Focus on quality

We value your time and money, and that’s why we make sure that we hire only the best people, set high standards for the answers we provide you, and aggressive goals to deliver only the best each time, every time.

Open communication

We expect and welcome feedback and suggestions from our clients in order to improve ourselves and give you a better experience.